Terms and conditions of booking


All quotations and bookings are made subject to these conditions

These conditions apply whether the booking is made verbally or in writing.

The Hirer

The person making the booking is deemed to be the hirer and acts on behalf of all passengers travelling in the vehicle. A & C Coaches,  (herein known as the company) will only accept instructions from the hirer. In making and accepting a booking the hirer will be deemed to have read and been made aware of these terms and conditions.


A & C Coaches  is fully insured against road traffic and public liability risks. Travel in our vehicles is at passengers own risk. We do not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, injury or damage however caused.


We operate a policy of No Deposit, No Booking.

We ask for a deposit of £25 for hire charges of £150 or less in total and £50 where the hire fee is greater than £150. This deposit must be paid before a booking can be confirmed. The deposit is Non Refundable.

Deposit payments. These can be paid in cash, by cheque (providing they are received  more than 7days before the date of travel ), or by credit or debit card using the payment page and pay now button on our website. We can also accept payments by credit or debit card by telephone, call us on 01452 529825

The balance of any hire fees is normally paid in cash to the driver on the day of travel. Payment by cheque can only be accepted where prior agreement has been reached with A & C Coaches before travel. You may also pay the balance by credit or debit card using our payments page on this website or by telephone on 01452 529825.

Cancellation of bookings.  Where a customer cancels a booking for whatever reason the following shall apply:

  • Where a deposit has been paid, this is non refundable and will be retained by the company to cover administration costs and consequential loss for other work which may have been declined.
  • Where full payment is made before the date of travel the company will retain the deposit part of the payment to cover administration costs and consequential loss for other work which may have been declined. The full cost of the hire less the deposit retained will be refunded to the hirer, either by refund to their credit or debit card account where this was used to make the payment, or by company cheque in all other cases. This refund will be made within seven(7) days of the cancellation.


All quotations are given in  good faith and are based on information supplied by the hirer. Please note any changes to travel arrangements after the quotation is given may lead to extra charges being incurred. Quotations are valid for 28 days only.

Extra pick up or drop off points or where the return time is later than agreed in the original quotation will incur extra charges.


The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and passengers travelling in it. Please be aware the company will expect all passengers to behave in a reasonable manner and will hold the hirer responsible for the behaviour of all persons in the hirer's party.

The company reserves the right to charge a "Good behaviour" deposit of £50 on any journey. These are normally late night journey's such as night club,stag and hen parties. You will be advised when making your enquiry if this deposit applies to your journey. Providing no bad behaviour is experienced by the driver and no one is sick in the vehicle, or otherwise causes any damage to the vehicle, then the deposit will be returned to the hirer at the end of the hire. Where the driver considers any bad behaviour may put the vehicle or themselves at risk they may terminate the hire at that point. No refund will be made and no claim for liability or losses will be accepted.


Late Boarding

The company will not accept responsibility or liability for missed departures or connections where passengers are late boarding the coach, or are at the wrong location.

Where passengers are late returning to the vehicle for the return journey the driver will wait a maximum of 20 minutes after the agreed and booked return time. Where any further delay will compromise subsequent bookings, the vehicle will leave and return those passengers on board to their return drop off points. No claim for damages or losses incurred by those left behind will be accepted by the company. The driver may at his sole discretion remain after the 20 minutes period, where he does so each 15 minute period or part thereof after the initial 20 minutes period will be charged at £20 per 15 minutes or part thereof. Payment must be made in cash to the driver at that time before the vehicle will leave.

Consumption of Food

For the comfort of all passengers the consumption of food or drink on the vehicle is not permitted. The driver will if requested make comfort and or refreshment stops en- route. The consumption of any type of alcohol is strictly prohibited as it breaches the terms of the company's operators licence. All vehicles are strictly  No Smoking

Lost property

Property left on company vehicles will be retained for 14 days and will then be disposed of.

Reclaimed property will returned to the owner at their expense.

Airport Transfers/Sea port Transfers

The company will make it's best endeavours to ensure you arrive at the airport or sea port in time to connect with your flight or ship. The company will not accept any liability for damages or any losses incurred where this does not happen due to unforeseen circumstances such as, extreme weather conditions,traffic delays or major roadworks. In the event of vehicle breakdown or malfunction, if this occurs before you travel we will substitute a replacement vehicle. If it happens en-route the company will endeavour to have the vehicle repaired or seek an alternative means of transport for passengers. The company does not accept liability for damages or losses incurred by the hirer where this does not happen. We strongly advise you take out adequate travel insurance to cover this risk. 

Transfers include all travel, pick ups and drop offs as agreed at the time of booking. We monitor flight and ship arrival times for return journey's and wherever possible co-ordinate our travel times to match your arrival times. Where your flight or ship is delayed for whatever reason it may not always be possible, due to other booking and work commitments to match our arrival with your new arrival times. Where this happens we ask for your co-operation and understanding and rest assured we will pick you up as soon as we are able. In the event of any such delay the company will not accept any liability for damages or additional costs the hirer may incur. We strongly advise that you take out adequate travel insurance to cover yourselves in such a situation.

The company drivers will wherever possible assist with loading and unloading passengers luggage to/from the vehicle. However due to health and safety requirements they may in respect of large, heavy, or bulky luggage decline to lift these items or ask for your assistance.

Please note all bookings made by the hirer and accepted by A & C Coaches are made subject to the acceptance by the hirer of these terms and conditions.